iíve been saving this name for a while.  it came about three years ago on a spring afternoon latte break, and has been tucked safely away, waiting.  new ideas often come out when the caffeine jolt sets in.


i have chosen polymer clay as my medium, because it is wonderfully exciting to experiment with.  the colours are vibrant.  it can be shaped, molded, twisted and folded.

you can add things to it as inclusions, or remove parts to create open space.  the colours blend together so well, i sometimes feel like i am painting.


there are times when only abstract ideas come to me, swoops and swirls, bridges and blends.  then i go for a ski, under the the pink afternoon sky, and its back to making mountains.  some days i long for spring and a sign of growth, so i create flowers and fanciful plants.  i try to strike a balance between my many different paths.  as a result, my art, my medium, is ever-changing, always keeping me on my toes, and that makes me happy.